14/07/2009: Puppies were born the world Champion ATIBOX 09, Nicos V.D. Sigidunum with Spanish Fashion Van Boranka (+ INFO).

27/09/2008: Duncan von Fausto very good 2 in the Germany Jahressieger. Very young class.

27/09/2008: Last 16 and 18 we make the breed with Spanish Fashion Van Boranka and Ch.Thor de Borelcan.

27/09/2008: Last 10 of september we went to france for make the breed with Ch.Atibox younger Cyrius de Bellamanie. (+ info)

23/07/2008: Last 23 of July to be born 6 beautifull puppies from Utizzia von Fausto and Vidal degli Scrovegni. (+ info)

27/05/2008: We are waiting puppies(Utizzia von Fausto&Vidal degli Scrovegni ) from the end of July. (click to enlarge)

27/05/2008: Duncan von Fausto, Very Good 2 Atibox 2008. (+ info)

08/05/2008: Monográfica Andalucía Oriental:
Duncan V. Fausto Best Puppy Male.
Aloe del Sur y Olé Very Good 3 Puppy Bringle Female Class. A-Bora del Sur y Olé Very Good 1 Puppy Bringle Female Class. Spanish Fashion Van Boranka Exc 1 Intermedia Class.

O6/05/2008: News photos of the puppies from Ch. Lucky Luciano and Omega de Cinco Rosas. (+ info)

Last Monday 07/04/2008 arrived the news puppies from Ch. Lucky Luciano and Omega de Cinco Rosas. Nine yellow puppies, 5 male and 4 female. (+ info)

01/02/2008: Tomorrow we start our travel from Napoles for breed our Omega de Cinco Rosas with Ch. Lucky Luciano de Cinco Rosas. (+ info)

15/01/2007: BREED B = On December 7 the puppies were born proved from the crossing of KENTACKY DI NOI VINCERE and CANELA V. D. CHATOS. (+ info)

26/07/2007: NEW ACQUISITION. Duncan Von Fausto. (click here to see picture and video)

10/07/2007: National/International Alicante, Omega de Cinco Rosas: C.A.C.

18/09/2007: New photos of our first breed (Kino x Omega). (+ info)

18/09/2007: Spanish Fashion van Boranka, very good 3 in the Germany Jahressieger 2007. Very young class. (+ info)

28/08/2007: 29 of August arrived our first breed, Kino de Villa Astur (hd-a) x Omega de Cinco Rosas (hd-a). 9 puppies. 4 females, 4 males and 1 white female. (+ info)

12/06/2007: Omega de Cinco Rosas best female in Kalisz.

08/06/2007: Atibox 2007, Novi-Sad (Serbia).
Spanish Fashion Van Boranka: 1st. place in the puppy class brindle female.
Omega de Cinco Rosas: 3rd. place in open yellow class.

24/25 February 2007: At the Show in Gelsenkirch: Utizzia von Fausto 1 place in young dog class fawn female.

2 April 2007: Utizzia von Fausto 2.Platz with the reserve claim on the title of German youth champions VDH in the youth class dog yellow.

21 March 2007: In-petto vom German Dream in this moment in our kennel for breed._____ (+ info)